Get Involved

Give back to your community and volunteer at the Fair


Volunteering at the fair is a great way to spend a day. Plus, you receive free passes to come back a different day to enjoy the fair as a guest.


By volunteering at the fair you could find yourself helping with children's games, assisting at the information center, selling pumpkins, assisting with the exhibits and much more!

For the 2022 Long Island Fair, volunteer slots are limited  and will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. To apply look over the dates, times and assignments on the right. Click the Volunteer Application button below. You will select dates and preferred assignments when you fill in the application. Please note we will attempt to accommodate preferred Fair Day assignments but we cannot guaranteed assignments.

If you have questions please submit them through the "contact us" page. We look forward to seeing you in September.




Fri. Sept 9

8am - 1pm       Entry Intake

1pm - 5pm.       

Sat. Sept 10

8am - 1pm        Entry Intake 

1pm - 5pm

Wed. Sept 14

8am - 1pm        Entry Intake

1pm - 5pm

Fri. Sept 16

9:45 - 5:15          Fair Open

Sat. Sept 17

9:45 - 5:15          Fair Open 

Sun. Sept 18

9:45 - 5:15           Fair Open

Sun. Sept. 18

5:30 - 7:00        Entry Pickup


Fair Competitions

Needlework Exhibits    Culinary Exhibits

Hobbies Exhibits          Agricultural Exhibits

Flower Exhibits            Corn Husking Contest

Program Activities  

(Outdoors, very active)

Games of Skill               Flying Horse Carousel

Children's Races           Tractor Ride


Information Booth - (sit outdoors in booth)

Heavy Pumpkin Raffle - (sit outdoors)

Quilt Raffle - (sit indoors)



Pumpkin/Apple Yard       Camel Ride Tickets

Peanut Tent

Previous Experience Required

Military Re-Enactor          Dancer